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Developed by Surgeons for Surgeons. Wexler Surgical provide outstanding quality and innovative surgical instruments for Cardiovascular, Vascular, Micro, Thoracic, Neuro and Ophthalmic surgeries at a cost-efficient price point.

Only available to UK healthcare sector

Why Choose Wexler Surgical?


Wexler is dedicated to providing the best quality of instruments on the market. In addition to using the highest quality of surgical titanium and stainless steel, we offer a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty and 1 year of free maintenance included with your purchase of any of our standard line of instruments.


We offer the best customer care possible. Our dedication to excellent customer service is evidenced by our quick response rate, knowledgeable staff, and willingness to go above and beyond.


We know that medical care must continually evolve and improve with the latest findings and techniques. Our staff is dedicated to continually improving our products. We collaborate with surgeons, and have several patents and product lines that are unique to Wexler.

Award-Winning Surgical Instruments

Won Supplier Appreciation Award from Atricure in 2022

Proud supporters of Women in Thoracic Surgery

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Mahesh Ramchandani, MD

Houston, Methodist, Houston, TX

I have been using Wexler instruments in general surgery and minimally invasive surgery for over 15 years. The instruments are always made with great quality and workmanship. I believe Wexler to be one of the best instrument makers in the world and would recommend them to anyone

Mario Castillo-Sang, MD

St. Elizabeth, Edgewood, KY

The Double Angled Debakey Hybrid Forceps are ideal for bicaval cannulation with caval control via a minimally invasive minithoracotomy approach with endoscopic or direct visualization. It is the best tool to pass caval tapes around the inferior vena cava after the oblique sinus has been opened... Read more It abbreviates a process that can be difficult in minimally invasive surgery. The Right Angled MIS Hybrid Forcep is ideal for bicaval cannulation via a minimally invasive minithoracotomy approach endoscopic or direct visualization for the same operations listed above. It is the best tool to pass caval tapes around the superior vena cava (SVC) after the soft tissue between the right pulmonary artery and the SVC has been opened. It abbreviates this part of the procedure. Read Less

Michael M. Madani, MD

UCSD, San Diego, CA

Working with Wexler has been an enjoyable process. They have a great customer service, and they are very responsive to our needs and they have been very responsive in design of these products. They have over 20 years of experience in the industry and one can really trust the quality... Read more of the instruments they provide. They know what the surgeon needs, they know what the procedure is all about, so they have the perfect combination to come up with the perfect instruments for the procedure and its been a great joy working with them on this project. Read Less



Wexler's MICS AVR & MVR Instruments

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