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Clinical IT

Clinical IT

IT Architecture, Database Administration, Analysis and Reporting

Our Clinical IT Team provide a 24/7/365 IT system support services. With proven expertise in diverse technologies and focusing on business continuity, we design resilient systems, creating and testing failovers, testing data restoration processes so protecting data integrity and keeping downtime to a minimum.

We work with the data warehouse, providing essential database analysis and reporting skills so that our customers can use this information to improve care and ensure cost efficiencies.

Device Integration

Our Clinical IT team have interfaced over 40 different medical devices from over 15 different manufacturers to Clinical Information Systems and systems for Clinical studies.

Enterprise Integration

We use our experience and our expertise to provide seamless, high-quality and robust solutions, integrating health information across distributed and disparate systems such as PAS, LAB, PACS/RIS, Cardiovascular, Theatres and Intensive Care Information and Management Systems as well as University research studies and National Audit Systems.

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